Noble gemstone bracelet from the unique Larimar

Elegant gemstone bracelet made of blue turquoise larimar. It was processed to a high quality and impresses with its elegant design. A Larimar in this very high-quality color is rarity and therefore a real unique item. The bracelet was processed on elastic nylon jewelry cord and consists of 8 mm large, en Larimar pearls. The gemstones combined with the design give the bracelet that special something. It weighs about 20 grams. The bracelet hugs the body and records body temperature. The elegant design combined with the strong, mysterious color give the bracelet that special something!

A real eye-catcher!

The popular healing and gem stone Larimar today has its cradle on the southwest coast of the Dominican Republic. Indigenous people already worked with the larimar. The larimar is also known as the Atlantis stone.

Effect of the Larimar:

The Atlantis stone has a positive effect on body and soul. Not only that. It is also said to have a mysterious protective effect.